Jasmine and Rick: A Yorktown, Virginia Engagement

The first time I met Jasmine actually was not in regards to photography. She was our leasing agent for my and Rusty's first apartment together. She found out I was a photographer, and when she got engaged... voila! The rest is history!

It's been so wonderful getting to know Jasmine over the past few months through her whole wedding planning process. Her friendly and warm personality instantly draws people to her (the community residents are always dropping by, including me!). She is gorgeous, inside and out. And to finally meet her fiance at the shoot completed the picture! Rick was just as nice and completely smitten with his wife-to-be. :) The photos really speak for themselves.

Rick proposed to Jasmine at Yorktown Beach, and so we got some memorable shots of them and their "children" all around the historic place. Lola and Miss Preslee were all pretty with their ivory bows. Unfortunately, they got quite excited, and the bows didn't last long!

Cannot wait for their November wedding! We're praying for beautiful weather for this outdoor extravaganza!
- Chelsea :)

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