Lindsea - A Downtown Norfolk Portrait Shoot.

The perfect setting is a must for any type of portrait. You can't put a girl who hates water at the beach. And you can't put a city girl in the country.

So when my sister, Lindsea, asked me to take her portraits, I immediately said, "Downtown Norfolk." She's a trendy, urban kind of girl... so what better place than Downtown? (And P.S., Rusty suggested taking her to the Norfolk Zoo. And this is why he's solely my husband/best friend and not co-photographer. haha)

Lindsea is a beautiful girl who loves fashion and her shoes, and so I wanted to focus on those attributes. I love, love, love the dress she wore for the way it came out in the photos! The texture is awesome! Remember that post from before? About a solid color with texture? This fits the bill to the T! You'll see how stunning it is...

As I mentioned on Facebook, when it comes to being sisters, we're very, very different. And one of those differences is that I'm more comfortable behind a camera, and she's a natural in front of it. (It helps that we pretty much grew up in front of a camera with my Mom being a photographer... but I was more interested in what Mom was doing rather than what she wanted us to do. :) )

ANYWAY! Lindsea and I started out in front of Nauticus and ended up in Town Point Park by the dock area. We were very blessed to have great weather and lighting! I didn't have to use the auxiliary flash once. :)

And yes, her hair really is that red.

To see more from this shoot, please visit the website and Facebook.

- Chelsea :)

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