Dreama and David - A Fort Monroe Engagement.

When I met Dreama and David last October to talk about their engagement and 2011 wedding, I was really excited especially since the dynamic between those two are much like mine and my husband's (e.g., organized, artsy girl and go-with-the-flow guy).

It was no different when we met this past week for their official engagement session at Fort Monroe... and this time, they brought their hilariously lovable dog, Duke. When animals come on the scene, it's really a hit-or-miss ordeal. However, Duke had a one-track mind and that was "Frisbee." And because of this one track mind, we were able to get some great shots with Dreama and David's furry boy.

What I loved most about these photos was how trusting they were with what I wanted to do with them. Trust is important with any type of relationship, and they trusted my professional opinion and experience. <3 Thank you, you guys!

And now take a peek at the really funny photos below (and on Facebook)... because this was definitely NOT a dull session. Besides that, Dreama has gorgeous blonde hair that makes a girl envious (at least to someone who normally throws her hair into a ponytail! haha). And what's up with all these photogenic clients?! They make my job way easy! ;)

... and we'll meet these two again for their 2011 Fort Monroe wedding at the lovely gazebo you just saw!

- Chelsea :)

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