The List of Really Great People and Places.

From time to time, people will ask if I recommend anyone for various wedding vendors. I believe I picked up this trait of letting people know good stuff from my best friend. Elaine can sell a rock to someone because it genuinely is a good rock and worthy of being bought. When you know a good thing, you want to share it with others!

So for you planning brides and grooms, here's my little list of recommended people and places in the Hampton Roads region...

Need some music and party starters?
* Play it Again DJs
(located in Newport News)
(It's a personal shoutout because they did my wedding reception!)

Need some beautiful flowers?
* Robyn's Nest Floral Design
(located in Virginia Beach)
(Beautiful work from a personal friend!)

Need some yummy cupcakes?
* Carolina Cupcakery
(located in Chesapeake)
(I seriously could eat about a baker's dozen of Pink Champagne cupcakes. 'Nough said.)

Need a classic wedding gown or some bridesmaid dresses?
* Pure English
(located in Virginia Beach)
(All of my own bridesmaids got their dresses here. Wonderful, wonderful service. If I didn't already get my gown in Pennsylvania, I would have gotten it here.)

Need some heirloom-quality photos?
... need I really answer this? :)

Need a nice place to rent for a bridal shower?
* Honey Bee Country Club
(located in Virginia Beach)
(My Maid of Honor actually held mine here, and it was so nice! Perfect space, yummy catering, and friendly staff.)

... and as for wedding stationery, DIY projects, and that sort of thing, there are some amazing websites I highly recommend.

* Envelopper (DIY stationery) -
* Magnet Street (save-the-date magnets and more) -
* (wedding website) -
* WeddingWire (planning website) -
* Arbie Goodfellow (bridal accessories) -
* Etsy (EVERYthing handmade) -

Happy Planning!
- Chelsea :)

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