A big announcement for the teeny-tiny clients.

I love photography. It's pretty obvious, right? When I say thank you to a client-friend, I truly mean it right down to those big ole big toes on my wide feet. When you get to do something you were created to do, there is no other greater feeling. How can you not be grateful to someone who allows you to do that?

I feel so alive when I do child/family portraits, engagements, weddings, and boudoir. I'm thrilled at the endless possibilities when shooting these. It's such a hard feeling to explain-- I'm excited, joyful, and crazy-happy when I'm in my element.

And as much as I love being behind the camera and like every good businesswoman, I must make choices in what I take photos of to allow for my own personal growth. As I gain more experience in various photo pursuits, I have found my creative passions clearly veer into certain directions.

So... I have chosen to no longer offer newborn sessions. While I will probably always do favors for friends, these types of photos will not be included in my portfolio or advertised on my website.

I LOVE children and will always continue capturing the spirit of childhood when those tiny ones get to crawling, walking, and running. However, newborns require a special touch, eye, and care, and I think it's best left to someone whose whole and sole heart is for those bebes.

But don't despair!! I won't leave you hanging! Because we all know I like to network and make friends, I have connected with an amazing local newborn photographer named Amanda McGhee of Kimberlin Gray Photography. She is near-exclusively a newborn, maternity, and birth photographer. Her style is fresh, beautiful, and timeless. Much like what Bit of Ivory Photography stands for. She is wonderfully nice, giving, and is really trying to change the way maternity, newborn, and birth photography happens in the Hampton Roads area.

I never meant this post to be sad, and we'll still be family. It's meant to be more joyous because now I am tootin' this Bit of Ivory family along into some new directions! I have big plans, and I can't wait to share them with you all in the coming months. (Hint hint-- In November, a BIG surprise will be announced. A surprise very close to my heart... and I'm so excited! All the details and behind-the-scenes work are still being tinkered with and developed...)

So, without further ado, I present to you-- Kimberlin Gray Photography. Check out her website for more information on how you and your maternal moments can really turn into some special memories.


Never thought you'd see another photographer's work on here, huh? Hey, I can appreciate and applaud great talent. This world is full of amazing gifts. ;)
- Chelsea :)

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