The Wall Family - Fort Monroe Family Portrait Session

And Facebook does it again! With the beauty of modern technology, Heather found me through x, y, and z Facebook friends. Her family was vacationing in southern Virginia, and she wanted family portraits taken at the beach. We emailed back and forth for about two weeks finally deciding on Fort Monroe. We all know how much I love Fort Monroe. Well, I got to love Fort Monroe all over again and at 7:00am! That's right. This non-morning person wiggled herself up early for some primetime photos...

Heather is a photographer over in West Virginia and if you didn't know that before, you would automatically know it when you saw her boys. They were camera hams and knew how to be relaxed in front of a camera! I loved it!

But the Walls' story is a special one, and I felt very blessed to meet this family.

Heather and Carl knew each other from childhood, and apparently at age 11, Heather knew Carl was meant to be hers. They have been married for 10+ years and still going strong... that is inspirational in its own.

Now, Carl is quiet like my husband Rusty in terms of "I'll pipe in when I need to, but I tend to let the wife do her talking." haha But don't let that fool you... literally 5 hours after our photo session, he went sky diving! Adrenaline junkie, as he says it. You couldn't get me to step anywhere near an airfield for such purposes. ;)

But the most extraordinary part about this family? I got to hear their stories about the big WV mining explosion back in April. Carl was supposed to work that fateful shift, and as Design would have it, he ended up being a part of the rescue team, searching for those trapped miners.

Talk about being grateful for life's blessings.

family portrait fort monroe hampton virginia

- Chelsea :)

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