Now presenting... Canvas Gallery Wraps.

For me, it's all about presentation. When I give a gift, it needs to be perfectly wrapped, and, if available, adorned with a coordinating bow. When I give a client's order, I'm all about the ribbons, boxes, and folio sleeves... after all, the presentation sets the stage for the real good stuff inside. (Yes, I'm a little OCD if you didn't already know. :) )

And how I present my photos to the world is another sense of pride. I always buy coordinating frames to match my home's decor. How I place them in the frames... et cetera. It's purely for my own benefit, but it always makes me smile when someone pauses and leans over to look at a photo on our bookcase. Something caught their eye! Success!

I discovered canvas gallery wraps a few months ago and have waited until the right time to purchase one. Before I say anything else... Best. Money. Spent. Ever.

I thought canvas was just for paint and artsy pursuits! When I found out that photos could be printed and wrapped around a wooden frame, I immediately set out to look for a pro-lab that I could use for my clients (and myself!!). It took some research, but I'm happy to say that I finally found one that I can be proud to use, and AAGHH!! I love it! SO MUCH.

I don't know how I'll go back to regular ole prints again... one day, my dream is to have my entire home's wall artfully arranged with canvas wraps. (I know, I dream lofty dreams. ;) ) Can I put myself on a payment plan!?

[Note: It's in the works for Bit of Ivory to offer Canvas Wrap Collections. I feel so strongly about these beautiful things that I want to find a way to make it value-friendly, but priceless. Be on the lookout in the upcoming months.]

canvas wrap

canvas wrap

canvas gallery wrap

gallery wrap

gallery wrap

STATS of the pictured Canvas Wrap:
11x14, matte laminate, black border, 1 1/2" frame depth, wire hanger with bumpers.

I hope you enjoyed my new studio sample!
- Chelsea :)

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