Cole and Fam | Virginia Beach Child and Family Photography

When a Mom says that her son is drop-dead adorable, one can either think she has Mom Goggles on or, in fact, it truly is very evident her son is.

Vicki has been a friend to my husband and me since we moved into our apartment when we got married. She's the manager of our complex and has been a Godsend to us. I met her son and husband (Tim) long before our session since they all used to live here at one time, too. So nothing was really new EXCEPT I got to meet the Shelties.

Petey and Bella, the cutest dogs around, won me over. And for the first time ever, my husband was begging to see one of my session's photos. (This is from the man who proclaims he will have a mini-Lassie one day.) I told Vicki that if Bella is missing one day, don't come looking at our place...... ;)

So back to those Mom Goggles. No Mom Goggles here. Not only was Cole a natural in front of the camera, but he has such a loving temperment. You could tell he loved his Momma, his Dad, and his dogs. And if Rusty and I are blessed with a son one day, I hope he would be just like him.

This is just one of those families that you know are "good peoples." And after reading the review Tim wrote on the Facebook page, I couldn't help but keep my high opinion. It made my day!

We had some beautiful light at the Little Island Park in Sandbridge, so I had a field day when I got the photos on the computer to bring out those colors I saw. :)

- Chelsea :)

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