And the winning wedding couple is...!

Because it wasn't fair for Robyn OR me to select a couple based on the entries since some of them I knew and some of the names looked familiar, soooo... what's a girl to do?

She asks her sound-in-judgment best friend. :)

So now Elaine makes an appearance on today's blog post as she selects the winning couple! Just so everyone knows... names/specific references were taken out of their entry and each entry was labeled with only a number. No photos were attached even though the entrants were asked to send a photo of their wedding gown and them as a couple.

Well... without further ado... here's Elaine!

The winning entry:
We have been together just over 2 years, we dated for one year, have been married (by law) for a year but we haven't even had an opportunity to live together because of **'s job. So finally, August 15th we'll be able to live a somewhat normal life together. Well other than the fact that our life together has all been totally backwards, we are very different people and somehow we manage to get along extremely well. **'s calm, patient, procrastination king, and level headed. I am always busy, prompt, and stressed. We seem to level each other out. We are content sitting at home on the couch or having a jam packed day of wedding planning. We are probably the two most sarcastic people you will ever meet. Most of our conversations include playful sarcasm and eye rolling at each other's jokes. ;)

Elaine says...
I choose Entry #2 because it really helped me understand how they were unique as a couple. Their initial living situation and they way they overcame the difficulties that inevitably created makes me believe that they are the most unique couple!

So who are they?! Who's the winning couple?!
Congratulations, Megan and Kevin Lanzinger! We just saw each other two weeks ago, and we will see each other again in less than two weeks! Get excited, get that dress ready! We're going to Bergey's Breadbasket in Chesapeake for a rustic, farm-good time! Look in your email for more information. :)


- Chelsea (and Robyn) :)

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