The Tale of Two Teeth. | Paper Anniversary Couples Photography

Once upon a time, there was a man who had many, many cavities. The cavities stayed and lingered as the months went on until the man went to the dentist and received information on how to fix these teeth. The man also had a wife.

This wife happened to know an amazing dentist who just so happened to have gotten married in a tree just a year prior. She inquired to her dentist friend, "How can I fix my husband's teeth? They are filled with cavities and decaying as we speak! I don't want him to have dentures before he's 40!"

The dentist sagely replied, "Never fear. The Teeth are with you. Come to my tooth hospital in New York, and I will perform miracles."

The wife was overcome with glee and told her husband of the good news. The dentist's wife, also a friend with amazing artistic abilities, corresponded within 24 hours and already stated that she and the wife must go to Charlotte's Tea House upon their visit while the men take care of business.

The New York trip arrived with much fanfare. Out in the glorious countryside stood a tan-colored house with green shutters. The home of the dentist and his wife.

The two wives hugged and squealed before they dropped off the man at the tooth hospital to get the royal treatment.

Hot chocolate, cranberry scones, and tea sandwiches were had as the man sat in the dentist's chair for two hours.

But the best part of the day was close to 4:00pm. The wife happened to be a photographer, and the couple happened to be one of the first couples to have been photographed by her. It was very close to the dentist and his wife's anniversary, and so it was almost necessary to recreate a year later.

And so the quartet headed out to the dentist's backyard which was no ordinary backyard...

And so the dynamic pairs of duo ate and were merry until the man and his wife had to depart... they said their goodbyes and promises to see each other soon since now visits had become a bit of a ritual. But next time, there would be no cavities. No cavities indeed.

The End.

- Chelsea :)


  1. Oh, how lovely {the story and the photos of the couple}! How do you get such beautifully exposed photos in FULL SUN? Amazing!

  2. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Love, love, love it!