Megan + Kevin : The Couple that Rusty Brought | Virginia Beach Sandbridge Wedding Photography

Rusty busted through the door after work one day, exclaiming that I'd be so proud of him. "Megan from work said she needed a photographer for her wedding! I told her about you!"

And the rest is history (but that husband of mine certainly loves to tell the story of his rare involvement with Bit of Ivory!). Megan and her maid-of-honor Katie met me at Panera one Saturday, and I immediately loved her. She knows what she wants, is WHOA organized about it, and has a heart of gold to match that beautiful ring of hers. Can't help but love that type of personality!

I asked her about Kevin, and she smiled and rolled her eyes. "He might be a groomzilla. He wants a trolley." But we saw over the months, his Groomzilla turned into a plain ole Groom-to-Be even after a trolley could not be found. Sadly, the day I met him was his homecoming day on the USS Nassau that Megan asked me to photograph. Not that meeting him was sad! BUT sadly, he was doped up on pain meds, probably had no clue that there was a camera in his face, let alone a person behind it. (It's okay, Kev! You're still super GQ in my eyes! :D) He shattered his leg on a ship ladder. That morning. One month before their wedding. Ouch. Talk about a story to tell your grandkids!

Now this is only Part I of their Big Day... you'll get more stories next time! (And before you skim down to the photos.... prepare yourself for the best "Groom's First Look" ever. Oh my gosh. BEST ever. I nearly cried when I pulled it off my camera.)





To be continued...

- Chelsea :)

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