Random Acts of Kindness and Humor.

I think kids have a sixth sense. Little kids and big kids. I'm not sure what to call this sixth sense... but let's just say, they know when a grownup is not with it.

Today was a not-with-it kind of day. Rusty had woken up before I did, and whenever that happens, it's like my internal system knows something is out of the norm and that he is not next to me. We just have weird schedules, so it's not like this is new. Apparently my body didn't get the memo this morning.

My car's trunk had 8 two-pound bags of powdered sugar. My Practical Art and Design class will be learning how to make decorating icing this week... and so, these 8 two-pound bags are very much needed. [Side note- I did get questionable remarks from the Target checkout lady though when buying them... what! It's not that strange! Maybe.]

If you know me, you know of my infamous Noodle Arms. When I was being formed in the womb, I think God just said, "Eh, she needs more leg muscle. Give her calves. Forget the arms!" So my carrying heavy objects probably looks quite ridiculous.

As I juggled these grocery bags filled with sugar towards the school's front doors, I heard running steps behind me. If I would have turned around, I would have lost my balance and toppled over. Sugar and all. My being startled would just have to wait.

A young man (whom I don't teach) hopped in front of me and asked, "Can I help you carry those?"

My heart melted. In a millisecond, I innerly-cheered, "This is the generation I want to rise up! There is hope!!" I crashed back to reality and gratefully accepted his help.

He carried those bags of powdered sugar all the way to my classroom. Which is no easy feat... the Art Room is in Timbuktu and could very well require a plane ticket.

Random Act of Kindness = Win.

Later arrives 4th Bell. My Practical Art and Design class. My last class of the day. A class that I have so much joy teaching because I feel the necessity of opening up as my goofy and quirky self. Heck, it's a class where it defies all norms of traditional art. Edible Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, and Fashion Design... so if the curriculum I'm building isn't normal, then I don't have to be either! Yeah!

Currently, we're doing skits on baking chemistry. (Why and how is another story for another time.) We went to the computer lab to type these up to be ready for tomorrow's presentations. We edited, proof-read, and cleaned them up... the printer is whirring, and keys are clicking. Before we knew it, the bell rang. I wished them a good day, cleaned up my stuff, and picked up papers off the printer.

One paper was not a skit.

In big BOLD letters.... "HI Mrs. LaVere!"

It made me smile that my students feel comfortable enough to be quirky right back at me. And as a Peanuts comic once said, "it warmed the cookies of my heart."

Random Act of Humor Win. :)

virginia state fair

- Chelsea :)

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