i heart faces | Scenic B&W (Ansel-style)

(River Marsh, August 2010)
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Scenic B&W? SCENIC B&W?! I think that's exactly what I said when I found out this week's theme. Ansel Adams channeled. And it was as close as I could get to being like him.

This is where my heart is. Truly. Incorporating God's beautiful creations with portraits. I tap into my artist and English-major background for them... the sublime (see Wiki for more info). Nature and people speak in magnitudes when paired up with each other. It's like a PB&J. Perfection.

Since I'm not near Yosemite like Ansel once was, this land near the Lynnhaven River was good enough. I immediately thought of this engagement session when I thought scenic. A+J's wedding will be here next June... and gosh, I sigh every time I see this landscape.

- Chelsea :)


  1. Love how the sun just peeks through.....Very pretty shot.

  2. This photo is fantastic. I love how there is so much scenery but your eye still goes to that cute couple.