What does Holly + Dazzle Equal? | Hampton Roads Event Photography

It's the Kevin Bacon theory. You always know someone through someone and it ends up networking somehow. It's how this happened.

A current bride of mine emailed me, asking about if I did events. I LOOOVE events. There are so many details, you're never bored, the joy on people's faces, AND I don't have to talk much! It's all candid! It's the most freedom I can get in photography!

I actually have to end up turning away some events because I reserve most of my weekend dates for weddings (which is where my passion is)... so it's really exciting when one just "happens."

Well, it just so happened that this one date was open, and the director emailed me after my bride gave her my contact info. So I did my research and whoa. F-U-N! The City of Newport News is hiring me as the photographer for their big Christmas tree lighting, fireworks, family activities, shopping event put on by the Department of Parks and Rec called Hollydazzle on Friday, December 3rd! (Check out more Hollydazzle information here!)

Over the years, Hollydazzle has grown to awesome proportions and is a huge family pleaser. Basically, I'm inviting everyone to go! I'll be milling about the crowds, getting in people's faces, and capturing some exciting things.

AND... I get to climb up on awesome buildings to get awesome shots during the fireworks with the awesome 70-200mm (alas, it is a mere rental lens for now, but I was dying to have the opportunity to test it out! And now I get to!). Now if only I can bribe my husband to be my bag/tripod boy... ;)

(Just because every post needs a photo. Here are some flowers Rusty gave me for my birthday!)

- Chelsea :)

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  1. I'm so excited for you Chelsea! Don't forget to stop by the VIP area. David and I always get the best spot. Though you will have wonderful views from roof top!