My Ansels.

Even if you've known me for an hour, you will have already picked up on my obsession with Ansel Adams. The man was a genius. And I grew up with him.

One of my clearest childhood memories is my Mom always having an Ansel Adams calendar hanging up in the computer area. Always. The large print, white spiral-bound. I would look at the images for each month, fascinated by their grandeur... but I never REALLY looked at them until I became older.

We lived in San Diego and even went to Yosemite for camping trips. It meant nothing to me as a kid beyond "What a cool place! But uggggh family vacations! Blah blah blah!" I know; I'm ashamed! I kick myself for taking all of that for granted!

Rusty and I went to Yosemite right after he proposed back in June 2008. And Yosemite took on a whole new meaning for me. It's like the mecca of all black-and-white photographers. And I yearned to be like Ansel.

(Trees | Yosemite, 2008)

(Moss | Yosemite, 2008)

(Falls | Yosemite, 2008)

Through his photography and his involvement with the Sierra Club, Ansel gave solid visual evidence on why we should preserve historical land and gained President Roosevelt as a supporter. This tiny man photographing these huge landmarks.

I want to do something BIG. Maybe I'm not destined to save a national park, but I know I was CREATED to do something big. Boooooy, do I wish I knew what that was, too.

So let's wrap it all up into a nice neat bow. And you can imagine why my father-in-law's early Christmas gift to me means so much. They were delivered two days ago, and I finally got to hang them up.

I've always wanted to own authentic Ansel Adams reproductions. And now I have them beautifully matted and framed in our living room.

Now a daily reminder of that I may be small, but I can do great things.



- Chelsea :)

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