A BIG Bridal Show Thank You!

Wow, this is my 100th post! And what I'm about to post couldn't be more perfect! :)

Yesterday was the Uniquely Yours Bridal Showcase at Norfolk Scope. There I met dozens of brides and friends amidst the crowded aisles. I seriously was sooo glad for my somewhat open booth not filled with stuff. It was as crowded as a crayon box... which was a good thing!

As great as it was to meet new friends, it was also such a wonderful thing to see my current brides stop by to give their support and encouragement! ... and some laughs when a few cheered out, "I'm on the wall!! I'm famous!!"

I wanted to use this post to thank EVERYONE who contributed to making my booth and first bridal show such a success.

- Thanks be to God for just being Him and guiding me. Right before the show, I was given some strong words of wisdom that stuck with me the entire day... "Think not on what you could have done. Think on what you have done."
- Thank you to my in-laws for building, delivering, and setting up my unique booth. It truly, truly could NOT have been done without them. At all. All credit and compliments go to them.
- Thank you to my BFF Elaine for devoting her Sunday to help meet and greet brides and their friends.
- Thank you to Rusty for bringing us lunch and all that he does daily to help me achieve my dreams.
- Thank you to my sister Lindsea for being proud of me. (And for her friend Britt who said my booth looked like my website! YAYAYAYAYAY!)
- Thank you to my brides and friends for being excited for me as I venture into this new phase of Bit of Ivory.
- Thank you to Carolina Cupcakery for your wonderful friendship and gluten-free cupcakes. I'm so blessed to know you and look forward to many years together! I admire you a ton!
- Thank you to Flowers- Wayne Jones for creating such a beautiful floral masterpiece for my booth.
- Thank you to the Chrysler Museum of Art. From one artist to the next, your highest compliments meant the entire world to me. At the risk of sounding like an absolute fangirl, I'm your biggest fan, and I totally squealed in my head. :)
- Thank you to the new vendors I met because I love to network!


- Thank you to the new brides whom I'm loving getting to know. Just today, one bride emailed me this: "Can I just say, I'm in awe. What I've said from day one of my adult life when it came in the realm of possibility that I would be married one day, I have wanted the "unknown" photos, the ones that aren't posey and orchestrated but the ones that show the true emotion of that day. You achieve that. Completely."

I am humbled yet again. This whirlwind of a weekend has only been more affirmation of what I always hope to be and to do with my photography.

Thank you, readers.

- Chelsea :)


  1. I was a friend of one of the brides at this showcase and let me just say that you are my new favorite photographer! I absolutely love your photos and just your overall outlook on wedding photography and what it means for the bride and groom. I will definitely be contacting you once I'm engaged.

  2. chelsea, what an amazing booth. i love how you use the 4x5 as an easel as well. supurb complaint. you deserve every word of it.

  3. I remember you, Amanda! You came with the group of girls, right? :) Thank you so much for your wonderful compliments, Amanda and Jill! <3

  4. yea! I came with Julianna (bride) and the other 2 girls :)