i heart faces | Favorite Face of January 2011

(Untitled, January 2011)
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It's been awhile since I've done an I Heart Faces entry... mainly because of busyness, but tonight, I needed an excuse to procrastinate on the other work I SHOULD be doing. lol When I saw this week's challenge was "fave face of January 2011," I immediately thought of this one from a Persuasion session I had earlier this month.

There is something about a genuine laugh. Something that speaks in volumes about someone's heart and general disposition. It's the soul revealed. I admire and am drawn to individuals who have that positive outlook on life because I strive to have the same. :)

Sure, I may be looking too deeply into this (all of the above is true though!)... but heck, genuine, candid smiles just look better in photos, too! :)

- Chelsea :)


  1. Very nice! What a refreshingly genuine smile.

  2. What a beautiful photo. I love her expression :)

  3. LOVE! This is what I try to capture with everyone . . . You KNOW this is a real smile. Terrific work!

  4. This shot speaks volumes because you can see the light in her eyes as she smiles. Too bad we all have to compete with all these darling baby shots, else a shot like yours would have more attention. :-) Beautiful!