Now presenting... Bit of Ivory's Photo-Fam Facebook Group!

For many months, it's been in the works to set up a message board for all of my clients to interact and chat with each other. Especially my brides. When I hosted my Brides' Night Out Cupcake Decorating Party last June, I had to sole intent of just wanting to bring people together!

Well, I thought about it and a message board didn't seem right. It was too disconnected from everything. And honestly, it didn't seem as personal.

Recently, Facebook Groups have BOOMED. Convenience. Ease. Fun.

And then the answer hit. My message board would be on FACEBOOK! A good majority of the population is on Facebook; it is THE social network after all. People would go on, check when they wanted to, post when they wanted to... all without having to log onto a separate website.

Dream perfection! It's exactly what I wanted on a great platform.

Our private group just opened up last Friday, and since then, it's been steadily growing. Who knows where it'll end up, but for right now, I'm pretty excited. :)

So, past, present, and already booked clients of Bit of Ivory and Persuasion, please join us for the perpetual photo-fam get-together! I'd love to get to know you!

And if you haven't become a client yet, get on it! We're wanting to meet ya! ;)

- Chelsea :)

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