Sneak Peek | Michelle and Wes {Bridals and Groom-als}

I would like to proudly present some gorgeous bridals AND the first ever GROOM-ALS! That's right, take that, spin-on tradition!

Michelle came to me and asked for a groom's session along with her bridals because her suave-y groom was getting his military dress blues for his promotion. I fell all over the idea! How cool is that?! As Michelle said, a wedding takes two! It's not just all the bride! I thought it was really sweet, and it just confirms how glad I am that she's become a friend. :)

Since Michelle asked for a sneak peek (sans gown, of course), here they are!

And P.S. I do believe SGT. Wes may be starting a trend. ;) Who can resist a man in uniform?!

- Chelsea :)

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  1. Love the use of natural light here with the beautiful shadows. Awesome! Groom-als - I'll have to use that one!