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Hey, local photographers of Hampton Roads!

This one is for you!

In collaboration with Meghan Blair Weddings, we have created a priceless opportunity to shoot for creativity's sake. :)

Meghan and I decided to create bi-annual stylized shoots to stretch our artsy personalities and to create just because we can and without restriction. I NEED to create. It's in my blood. If I don't, I get cranky. Seriously. Ask Rusty. ;)

For me, when I do a wedding, I have a mission. A mission to document the best day of someone's life. All the beautiful moments and details within a certain time span. I can't count the times where I just wish I had just one more hour of awesome light to get just one more shot.

This is from where "Orchestrated" came.

So twice a year now, we will create an entire mock-up wedding-- everything from a ceremony setup to bridal party portraits to a reception setup. With details. With models. With limitless opportunities!

We won't tell you what to shoot. It's not a workshop. Sure, I'll answer questions, but ultimately, we urge you to be in your element and do what comes natural. Interact with the models, gain confidence in posing, and get those detail shots!

Art for art's sake!

The only post-shoot request? When you post your gorgeous images on your blog or Facebook, just link back to Bit of Ivory Photography ( and Meghan Blair Weddings ( with a shout out for the new Orchestrated series! Other than that, use these for your portfolio and show them off! They're yours. :)

So I now present to you... Orchestrated's first... Yellow & Gray, Backyard Soirée!

Orchestrated yellow and gray wedding photographers stylized shoot

To ensure a quality time for everyone, we only have 5 spots available for this first stylized shoot... so join us now!

We will create a waiting list for those who are interested but weren't able to get a spot... and see what happens after that.

** SO SORRY! SOLD OUT!! Please still email at to be placed on waiting list.**

- Chelsea :)

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