Michelle - The Beautiful Country Chic Bride

Now that Michelle is all good and married, I can share with you some of my all-time favorites from her bridal session last month!

To introduce Michelle to you, you must know what I associate her with... all things Americana, good ole Southern hospitality, loves her country and pearls, and downright spunky and beautiful. She went out of her way to make sure there was some sort of gluten-free option for me at her wedding! That right there shows us the size of her heart. She's become a great friend, and I'm truly honored that our friendship won't stop now that the big day has already passed.

(And for the crazy couple-- Hope you guys are having fun on your honeymoon!! I wanna see pictures when you get back!)

We'll have her hubby's photos on the blog shortly since he had his own groomals, too! ;)

- Chelsea :)

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