Retro Buttons, Candy, and Vintage Soda... oh my! | Virginia Wedding Photography

I had the huge privilege to be a part of Katelyn (James) Alsop's Sugar Shoot this past weekend in Richmond to enjoy GORGEOUS eye candy (no pun intended... okay, it was. ;) ), to meet fellow photogs, and to learn new perspectives.

This was exactly what I needed. To be personal, I needed to be rejuvenated. I needed to be inspired and allow myself to dive right into details without worry of x, y, z. With the nervousness of what's to come later this year, I needed to be reaffirmed that God knows what He's doing with me. And I have to be trusting of that.

Without further ado, even though this day was coated in beautiful shades of teals and oranges... you know I have to start with a black and white image! :D

black and white fine art wedding photography

virginia wedding photographer

teal and orange wedding candy

retro wedding

orange and teal wedding

billy ball bouquets

Thank you, Katelyn, for hosting and for being you! And thank you, Lauryn and Jared, for being awesome models!

Sweet Spot Candy Shop -
Florist & Guest Speaker - Janie Medley (The Bride's Cafe) -
Cake - Shyndigz -
Bride's Necklace - Button Soup Jewelry
Catering - Mosaics Unique Events -

- Chelsea :)


  1. These are terrific, C! What a blast!

  2. Chelsea, I'm so glad to hear that you got away and spent time bathed in such a glorious, colorful style session. I really like your photo groupings and how fun is that bicycle prop!? ;)

  3. Thank you so much, ladies! :) That means a lot!