FEATURED! on Showit Live and a Bit of Ivory Bride's Blog

I should have posted this earlier because I nearly attempted a multi-cartwheel of excitement... but I expended all of my squeals on the Bit of Ivory Facebook page. And now it comes over to the blog! And because this blog is like a family album, I wanted to document it!

When I announced my Bit of Ivory Chapter sites, I was already ecstatic that my photo-fam loved them. However, no more than 24 hours later, I get a shoutout for my design on ShowitLive-- a daily newscast with the Showit Studs, and for this particular segment, Andrew Barlow and David Jay.

TO WATCH THE VIDEO: go here and check out the 16:11 mark!

I had my little segment of fame! I was so humbled that my little Chapter idea (a spin off of their +sites) was applauded! Heck, we know my love language is Words of Affirmation, and this was it!

But just for the record, no matter what my work is or will do... we know what's REALLY important here. They think my name is chic. My lifelong dream of having a French last name has been made shiny. My life is complete. ;) hahaha!

...... AND another important feature meant even MORE to me. One of my brides keeps a wonderful wedding blog, chronicling her planning process... and she wrote the sweetest post ever. (Seriously, this girl can write!)


Truly, I'm humbled, and in the grand scheme of life, it's just one little tiny stepping stone to the big ole road I hope to go down one day.

- Chelsea :)

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