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The moment Dreama (May 2011 bride) sent this to me, I flipped with excitement and immediately asked her if I could share this on the blog!

Schedules. Yes. We already know I'm OCD and Type A. You know I live by Post-Its and schedules. I thrive off of them because it eliminates miscommunications and encourages FUN. Okay, you may not have fun making them... but that's why you delegate that task to someone who does! ;)

So. Anyhow. Why wouldn't I love it when my brides send this over? For background knowledge, Dreama has a degree in graphic design and is venturing into the world of photography, so she's a visual person.

And this is her Day-of Schedule as of today (because we all know something is bound to change within the next two months! Oh, the joy of wedding planning!)...

Now with that being said, you don't have to be a visual person to make up a schedule, but let me convince you why a schedule is a HUGE deal.

- It helps out EVERYONE, including you, the bride! Can you imagine how much at ease you'll be knowing that everyone else knows where they need to be and that your vendors are well-informed? Literally, you should have NOTHING to worry about. :) We (the collective wedding participants) got it covered.

- If something/someone is missing, it gives a layout on how to fix it asap without your stressing, or even better, without your knowing about it!

- You will make your photographer very happy. :) Shouldn't that be enough!? Kidding, of course, but truly, it will allow me to be all that I can be for your big day when you let me know your timeline expectations for the big day.

** And P.S. I have to give a BIG shoutout to Dreama for adding in extra portrait time for sunset photos. The awesome portraits you see everywhere? It's all because couples give me that extra time! You'll LOVE the results.

And lastly... I don't know if it's my teacher background, but remember, there will ALWAYS be something that doesn't go according to schedule. That's OKAY. But at least you made the steps to ensure a beautiful, less stressful wedding day and the designated people will take care of anything off the schedule for you!

Bit of Ivory brides, I'm sure if you join the Bit of Ivory photo fam Facebook group, Dreama will probably share the actual Word document with you. ;) She's a pretty cool gal.

And thank you again, Miss Dreama, for letting me share your aesthetically appealing schedule! Hearts!

- Chelsea :)

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