Now Presenting... the Drawing Room!

Drawing room [n.] - a room in a house where visitors may be entertained.

I've been wanting a place online that has all the good stuff in it. A special spot for inquiring clients to go to see what the Bit of Ivory experience is all about. I LOVE connecting, and I LOVE communicating. There are no gray areas! Just black and white. Before we meet in person, I want a bride and groom to know everything they needed to know when it comes to their budget, style, and wants. Then our meeting for the first time is like a date en route to the altar. ;)

Since about 75% of all Bit of Ivory couples actually live out-of-state or out-of-Hampton Roads, I've received great feedback that this was a really helpful resource accessible 24/7. So wanna wedding plan in your polar bear pj pants and messy bun at 2:00am? Oh, future friend, you CAN. :)

To go along with my Chapters, we have the Drawing Room-- the exclusive client area created just for future Bit of Ivory photo-fam.

Because the site is password-protected and only available to potential and current clients, I took some screen shots to share with you what's going on behind closed doors.

This central location has all pricing information, expectations, timeline, and a whole lot more goodies aimed to educate and excite all!

It means a lot to me to be able to connect with my photo-fam, and this was a way I could do it in a simple fashion. I care very much to ensure booking a wedding is as LOW stress as possible. I don't mess around with jargon or hide behind pretty designs; it's all there, straight and to the point.

I hope it's helpful to you, and I look forward to building onto it as bridal needs evolve.

- Chelsea :)

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