Kelli + Eric : The Couple Who Can JUMP! | Sneak Peek

She pretty much lives on Etsy. And so the story began. Etsy brings people together. Hmm, except Etsy didn't really bring us together; we're both just obsessed with the website... okay, nevermind. I fail at coming up with catchy phrases for the site. I'll stick with my day job!

Kelli and Eric were just a ton of fun to get to know, and I'm so blessed to have documented their day for them! If you want to be around good peoples, these are your peoples. Even their families were so wonderful to get to know, too, so you KNOW it must be genetic. ;)

Beyond that, Eric is awesome at GQing it up and Kelli just has a stunning profile. AND they let me do whatever I wanted. I think this is a forever love. haha!

So here's your sneak peek, you crazy beautiful and handsome two! Keep enjoying that honeymoon!

shifting sands wedding

- Chelsea :)

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