Dreama + David : The Couple Who Booked First | Sneak Peek

Almost two years ago, I received an email from Dreama. For her 2011 wedding. So you can imagine my excitement when she and David told me I was "the one"! I had a very small wedding portfolio with most portrait work... and so not only did she take a chance, she trusted me. I kinda get emotional about this sort of thing. Two years ago, she saw in me what I saw in me. I just needed to be given the chance. To have someone confirm that (who didn't know you prior to meeting!) is humbling and was the first moment I believe I surrendered to God and His plans for me. So, let me meander and say... thank you, Dreama and David, for being catalysts. You started it all. :)

Well, like couples choose me, I also go through a bit of an interview process, too. I have to make sure we're a good match! So how did I know they were my ideal clients? When David said he was going to show up in a tuxedo t-shirt to the wedding and the look Dreama gave him after he made his proclamation. As I said in their engagement post, their relationship is pretty much like mine and Rusty's. But we need those guys to keep life from being too serious, right, Dreama? ;) haha!

You guys are hilarious, and I totally enjoyed being part of your special Fort Monroe wedding! Gazebo and beach? YAY!

May you never stop laughing over life's crazy moments! And enjoy your honeymoon and keep updating us on Facebook of Jamaican antics! ;)

- Chelsea :)

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