The Photographer's Wardrobe | Navy Blue and Gray

So this all started because I told some lady photographer friends of mine that I love to dress in a muted variation of my couples' wedding colors. What can I say, I'm a theme girl! And basically they said I should do a weekly blog post on outfits photographers wear to weddings or shoots!

Since I already do this for Persuasion Boudoir, I thought it'd be awesome to extend the weekly tradition over to this blog, too!

I'll warn you now... a lot of wardrobe pieces will be coming from Ann Taylor/LOFT mainly because their pants/shorts/skirts fit my hips. I'm a size medium on top and a size 10-12 on the bottom with short stubby legs. Ann Taylor has been the ONLY place where their Petite bottoms aren't too short or too long on me. And they FIT me in the hip area. So, that is my PSA for this series. If you've got hips, you've got to try out Ann Taylor Loft's stuff!

So, without further ado... thank you, Virginia Ladies, for being the catalyst for this new weekly series posted every Monday: The Photographer's Wardrobe!


It was only fitting I tie in my favorite colors into this wardrobe option. I love navy blue, I love headbands, and I love gray. I won't do "me" all the time, but I thought it'd be perfect for the first outfit!

I think photographers should feel comfy, beautiful, and professional when on the job. When I stopped wearing all black, guests approached me more and brides love it when I'm in "theme" for their special day. I'm rather dedicated to my photo-fam!! :)

So anyhow, Clarks shoes have been sworn to be super comfy for a day on your feet, and I can at least attest to their ballet flats. So I can't see why the sleek sandals would be any different!

Enjoy and be confidently stylish; don't hide behind that camera!

Navy Blue and Gray Photographer Outfit


- Chelsea :)

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