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Two months ago, I received an email from a writer from a very popular magazine (which I consider THE industry magazine for photographers). They asked about doing a profile on me because of my boudoir work with Persuasion Boudoir. So what do I do?

I google the author, name, website, to verify its verity. I mean. A writer whose writing style I loved reading. Contacting me. Is this a prank?!

I know! Ridiculous, right! (Don't hate me, Stephanie!! haha) I asked myself, "Do they mean ME? Are they sure they don't have the wrong person?!" I had a bit of an internal freakout. Out of ALL the boudoir photographers in the WORLD, they contact me. WHOA.

So Stephanie Boozer of Professional Photographer Magazine replied to my "oh my gosh, how did you find me?!" email, and we set up an interview time. The moment I got on the phone with her made every nerve melt away. I found another Jane Austen fan who understood the love of the Regency period! And thereafter, I was myself. Any woman who reads Austen, by extension, KNOWS the importance of the written word and how magnificent it can be.

AND my dream of being published one day? Wow. All at once.

I am unbelievably humbled that I was given this tangible honor. In this day and age of digital, to be IN PRINT in a magazine you can hold in your very hands... just wow. So blessed. Thank you, PPMag, for featuring me and helping this gal's dreams come true! Though I know that wasn't your intent, it just was a huge bonus to me. :D

Thank you, Persuasion ladies, for trusting me with such special photos and allowing me to share your gorgeous beauty with the world. And most importantly, thank YOU, photo-fam, for believing in me and for cheering me on to do what I love! :)

(Professional Photographer Magazine's June cover! Amazing photo, but not by me! :) )




You can read the article HERE! And for the rest of month of June, you can also go directly to the PPMag website to read my article and other fabulous tidbits from the photographer's world! www.ppmag.com.

- Chelsea :)

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