Week One | One of my Favorite Things... Organization.

I love me some organization. Especially when it comes to having to involve tons of people. Maybe it's the teacher in me, but I strongly believe in crowd management to keep down all potential chaos... and I thrive in it when all is functioning like a non-squeaky wheel!

Now, add a wedding in the mix. Holy moly. You might have remembered my post on Day-Of Schedules in March where one of my brides made a fabulous schedule and I encouraged all of my brides and non-Bit of Ivory brides to embrace the awesome day-of schedule. :D

Well, we have the exclusive pleasure to have Meghan Beckwith of MeghanBlair Weddings, an amazing friend, but moreso amazing event planner, celebrate with us this week. Schedules are what she lives for... and she is so graciously giving one lucky bride a customized wedding day-of schedule (value of $150)!

A Customized Day-Of Schedule includes detailed information about...
- The ceremony venue
- The reception venue
- Directions to/from key places
- Contact list for vendors/wedding participants
- ... and most importantly, a thorough day-of schedule (hour by hour, nearly minute by minute), which is given/sent to each vendor and wedding participant a few days before the wedding.

Now to win... you must post your favorite way to stay organized and give us some personal tips you use to keep your life together on this blog post!

Already married? You can gift this to a girlfriend as a fabulous bridal shower gift. Seriously, your bride friend will LOVE you for it and so will her vendors! ;)

And for a fun little story... Meghan just told me right before this posted... "This weekend, one of my brides showed up at her venue for a final site visit and gave her MeghanBlair schedule to the on-site coordinator and the woman offered her a job! Hahaha!" That just about wraps up the awesomeness.

A HUGE thank you to Meghan for donating this PRICELESS service. Seriously, I want to get remarried (to Rusty, of course!) so I don't have to come up with a schedule. Even though I love to do it, when I'm personally involved, I get overwhelmed. I love this girl, and she will take care of any stress imaginable. Heck, if you need (which you should!) a wedding planner, she's your girl! I wish I had one for my wedding... maybe I wouldn't have gotten the cold bug right after my reception!

Some fine print regarding the Schedule...
* All entrants must post their "organization favorite" comment on THIS blog post to be entered in the drawing.
* All comments must be posted between June 1, 2011 at 9:00am and June 8, 2011 at 9:00am.
* All comments will be assigned a number in which they are posted. (First commenter is #1, second commenter is #2, et cetera.)
* A winner will be selected by random by using Random.org.
* Winner will be announced at 5:00pm EST on Facebook. (Be sure you are a fan!) Winner must email me at: bitofivoryphotography at gmail dot com by 9:00pm EST to claim schedule prize. If prize is not claimed, a second number will be randomly selected.
* Once winner has contacted me, I will then pass on all contact information to MeghanBlair Weddings where she will take care of you the rest of the way.
* The wedding must take place within two years.

- Chelsea :)

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