Meghan | Contemporary Art Center Bridals Sneak Peek

Any mention of an art museum, and I kind of get a little TOO excitable. Even though I'm an artist who loves her classics, I do have an appreciation for the clean lines and simple construction of contemporary art. When Meghan found out she could have part of her bridal portraits taken here, I think I scattered my fingers over the keyboard in a bit of a gleeful frenzy.

So at the bridal session, the joyful energy was great! Meghan made me laugh. Every time the word "married" was mentioned, her entire face lit up, and she did her own excited personall happy dance. Gotta love it!

Sadly, folks, we won't be able to see the rest of these stunning photos until after September when her groom gets to witness his bride coming down the aisle in the Rodriguez Pavilion at the Contemporary Art Center. I can't think of a better way to support the arts and have a sparkling wedding... WITH a Chihuly masterpiece.

contemporary art center bridal portraits

chihuly wedding sculpture

- Chelsea :)

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