The Photographer's Wardrobe | Purple and Green

This was a challenge we did not want to end up looking like Barney. But adding in neutral colors with a pretty bold color combination can help tie everything together! So green and purple CAN go together without becoming a very annoying children's dinosaur.

Obviously, this wardrobe is more ideal for the photographer shooting an indoors wedding in the very late summer and early Fall. Here in Virginia, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing black pants for an outside wedding in August and September. Whew. I'd pass out!

I told you that the black short-sleeve jacket would pop up again!

Purple and Green

Chiffon top, $35
GAP bootcut pants, $60
Short sleeve sateen jacket | Lane Bryant, $60
Shell jewelry, $24
Gap scarve, $25
A2 by Aerosoles Echlaire Thong Sandals, $60

- Chelsea :)

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