Orchestrated Stylized Shoots | Mediterranean Mosaic

One endless day, I was going through Google just clicking away for ideas and somehow I came across this. I saw this gorgeous mosaic, and I couldn't help but be drawn to its lines, colors, and pattern. I know. So random.

I immediately emailed Meghan and said, "THIS IS IT!! We have to turn this into our next Orchestrated event!!" Normally we mutually decide on themes together, but I was so flippin' excited and adamant about this one, and thankfully, Meghan loves challenges. We met with some (quite a few) bumps in the road to turn this into a theme. We're both obsessed with the Mediterranean right now-- bright colors, fresh foods, and the relaxed nature of that whole region.

We tried to take bits of wedding tradition and turn it upside down... like we had a deconstructed baklava display in lieu of a traditional wedding cake and honeymoon postcard display in lieu of a guestbook.

We couldn't be more pleased with the results, and it has gotten us WAY more excited about the Grand Tour in September 2012... we're orchestrating a cruise conference for photographers with a STYLIZED SHOOT IN VENICE!!! AAHHH!! LIFE IS AWESOME!

A HUGE thanks goes to our intern, Megan Lanzinger, for all of her help in running errands and just helping with odds-and-ends. THANK YOU, MEGAN!! (Yes, we have two Meg(h)ans. haha)

mediterranean inspired wedding

blue wedding

blue and green bouquet

blue and lime green wedding

mediterranean wedding

green floral

mosaic greek stationery

greek inspired girl

wedding baklava greek dessert

greek wedding cheeseboard

bride and groom pose

mediterranean wedding tablescape decor details

bridal party

Concept Design and Wedding Planning
Meghan Beckwith

Photography and Co-Design
Chelsea LaVere

Floral Design
Leslie Hartig

Tyler Adams

Chef and Menu Design
Harry Osbeck, Executive Chef

Ceremony and Reception Setup
Distinctive Event Rentals

Whimsy & Whatnots

Heather Toler

Flower Accessory
Sparrow Blu

Morgan, Bruce, Veronica, Allison, and Breoni

And many thanks to the participating photographers who joined us...
* Sarah Mariel Photography
* Julep Studios
* LeZandra Photography

Orchestrated: Stylized Shoots are fully-decked out stylized events designed and created by Meghan Beckwith (MeghanBlair Weddings) and Chelsea LaVere (Bit of Ivory Photography). To find out more about future events or The 2012 Grand Tour, you can visit the dedicated website or on Facebook.

- Chelsea :)

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