Now presenting... the Bit of Ivory Cookie?!

If you've been around for awhile, you'll know I've got a little bit of an obsession with cookies. Okay, a big one. My daily mantra is... "A cookie a day keeps the grumpies away." So when Bit of Ivory's anniversary month came along, I knew what I wanted to give to my brides as an extension of me and my utmost appreciation.

I discovered Jen of JP Creatibles a few months ago and was instantly blown away by her cookie art. Yes, it's ART. These ain't your momma's edible decals. These are completely handmade and crafted with precision! I fell in love and knew that THIS had to be my cookie designer.

She made my cookies to LOOK like my website! Umm. Hello, Awesomeness.

Sadly, there were no gluten-free options, so I wasn't able to actually taste them... but you'll notice at the end of the post, I got Rusty to be my taster. (He said they were good!) You'll also see why we're two peas on a pod when it comes to being in front of a camera. haha!

Thanks, Jen, for creating these for me to give to my clients! They were truly masterpieces!

[The very reason why this is my husband. He makes my heart happy. Between the two of us, it's rare to get a non-silly face in front of the camera. :D]

- Chelsea :)

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  1. Oh Yummy! I dont think Id be able to eat a cook so beautiful!