The Walls | Smithfield Family Photography

Ever since I received the very first email from Heather, I knew she was good peoples. Every year, the Walls make it a point to take a family vacation. A vacation to make them relax and even enjoy each other's company... despite what the boys may say. ;) And somehow I've become part of their annual vacation! You bet I'm giggly about it. It's humbling to be a part of someone's tradition. With Carl and the boys' adrenaline fixations and Heather's kindred spiritness, I like to think I live vicariously through their adventures.

It's so interesting to see how a family grows in just one year's time. HOLY MOLY. Jacob and Thomas were GROWN. You can see their session from last year for visual proof!

Last year was the beach, this year was farm/rural... next year I'm rooting for historical. You KNOW I voted for Colonial Williamsburg. I gotta see these fantastic four in the stocks! :D

[And a Bit of Ivory first... Heather and the fam asked me to be in a photo! Thankfully Rusty was there to take care of that, but this is just proof I can't be normal in front of a camera... especially with such a fun friend. haha!]

- Chelsea :)

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  1. How awesome are we???
    I don't think it gets any better than the two of us. :)
    You say the nicest things.
    We ♥ us some Chelsea!!!