Through the Rose-Colored Lens (the SEQUEL!) Workshop.

Back in June, I hosted my first workshop which was all about learning the art behind photography. What makes something art? How do the elements of art and principles of design play into everything? And who are some master artists and how do they even apply to photography?!

Well, two weeks ago, I hosted the SEQUEL! and it was about how to transform photos through post-processing via Lightroom (an amazing program that makes for better understanding what happens when editing a photo, in my humble opinion). It was so great to see familiar faces again and to see things through their eyes. That's what I've always loved about being a teacher. You give a simple assignment (i.e. shoot the model!) and the different avenues of angles, lighting, positions are endless. I hope I'm always in the position to be able to teach in some capacity (or my student loan debt from my master's program really is pitiful!! hahaha).

One thing I regret from the last workshop is not taking the time to really take photos and then sharing them... because even though the blog is part of my business, it's also very much a digital scrapbook for me. :)

Without further ado, I introduce you to our workshop! ... and my beautiful little sister, Lindsea, who was our model. I admit I get a little emotional about these... it was a difficult summer for my family and me as there were a few times when I didn't know if my sister would even be here today. It just makes me really grateful for little things like her being there and even mocking me for asking her to hold a teacup (lol). She is such a big part of my life (and in my business with her support). I love you, Linds.

(Channeling a bit of Audrey Hepburn and classic cafe scenes!)

And the color scheme this time was gray, red, and white... and a workshop is just not a workshop without cake pops! I used a dessert stand typically reserved for cupcakes... and bam! These super yummy cake pops came from Kimberley of Hansel and Gretel's.

We also had a little visitor. Here is Clint, the owner of 757 Creative Space (where we had the workshop!), and his new daughter.

- Chelsea :)

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