Victoria : The Young Reporter Who Will Leave No Stone Unturned | Norfolk Portrait Photography

She's leaving in less than two weeks to move to Louisiana to be a news reporter. Not many people can do that, so when a girl has a dream, she owes it to herself to pursue it when the opportunity presents itself! And when she tells you she wants to be the "running after someone with a camera and mic" kind of reporter, well, break out the megaphone and cheer her on! :D

I actually met Victoria earlier this year when we were collaborating on some mutual weddings of ours. You see, Victoria is a news reporter, but she's also the wedding videographer behind Victoria Shirley Productions. It's always a ton of fun working with people who just are in sync with you!

So when I got the email that she was hoping I could squeeze her in for some quick headshots for the new chapter in her life, I was honored! It was fun working on a different type of assignment... and Victoria is crazy beautiful in front of the camera. She chose her news journalist career well!

I wish you the best of all blessings, my friend! You will be missed and come back to Hampton Roads sometime! I can't wait to see what you accomplish this next year! :)

- Chelsea :)

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