Jenn + Jamie (to be further collectively known as JJ) | Colonial Williamsburg Engagement Photography

If you even mention the words "colonial" and "Williamsburg," you will get a reaction. If you mention them in the same sentence together, you will get an explosion of pure ethereal joy. Yep, and it seems I've met my match in love of Colonial Williamsburg. Jamie even said it; he wants to buy property in the historic area. And I told him he might just have someone who will take residence in their attic. haha!

Hailing from Suffolk, Jenn is a graphic designer who loves to work in all types of media and Jamie is a mechanical builder who loves to work with his hands. I think that pairing couldn't be more perfect.

For all intensive purposes, I tongue-tossed over my words/names/phrases SO many times during our session... that I'm now affectionately calling these two JJ. When I first met Jenn, we (including her mom!) bonded over books and our love of Harry Potter. For real, books are the way to my heart. Oh, and cookies. But I digress...

JJ, we have a bowling double date in our future. I can't guarantee my granny bowling ball rolls won't come out though. :) Enjoy the sneak peek!

- Chelsea :)

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