Kristin + Robbie | Smithfield Bridal Sneak Peek

I won't go into their story just yet until we do the full blog post, but it's pretty awesome. Basically this session is the epitome of fun. And what I think everyone should do a year after their wedding (or anytime really)... a POST-wedding bridal/groomal session. Kristin and Robbie, you'll be trendsetters, I say! Trendsetting Hampton Roads bridal photography! Yeah! :D

And onwards to their sneak peek! The light rivaled all things chromatically gorgeous.

Kristin and Robbie, thanks so much for going out of the box and doing something that not many do! I wouldn't have gotten to know you both, and that would just be sad. You two were FABULOUS! :)

And yes, I'm right-side dominant. haha And I just now noticed it as I post these to the blog... :)

- Chelsea :)

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