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It's a rarity nowadays to say that you've known someone for half of your life. Yep, I met the Shindelars 14 years ago... and whoa... there are so many memories, so many stories, and so many crazy happenings that I could pen an entire novel. You already know about Elaine and her being my best friend and wonderful photo-assistant at certain occasions. But here you get to meet the parents!

Mr. Shindy is the tech guy. He just knows everything about computers and the random stuff in life. He built me my first desktop computer for a high school graduation gift, let me drive his truck (which I totally did NOT ruin! ... dumb emergency brakes that I had no clue about...), and calls me his favorite. :) That's right. He gave me the "deed" to Elaine's little Neon back in high school. I still have yet to make claim on that promise. Oh, and he can make a pretty awesome Winnie the Pooh cake. Piping and all.

Mrs. Shindy is just always the go-to woman. She somehow knows everyone and everything. She gives me a yearly Christmas stocking filled with thematic goodies (one year was all baking fun!), loves polar bears, and always great for planning secrets. :) She's practically my WebMD. Confession: On numerous occasions, I pretty much have given myself anxiety attacks over a handful of self-diagnosed/non-existent medical conditions. "No, you don't have Lyme Disease." "No, you don't have chiggers crawling underneath your skin." "Yes, you're normal." Sad, but true. haha

And a recap of Elaine for the new readers... she loves blogs, Tupperware, gingham fabric, and red hair (though she has none). She's a true blue friend, and I miss her cooking from when we were roommates. I hate cooking, but love to bake. And she hates to bake and loves to cook. It was a pretty good situation we had going on. And in our new chapter of our grown-up friendship, she's been a big supporter of Bit of Ivory and is one of my hostesses for Persuasion Boudoir.

I can't say it enough how much this family means to me. It was an honor they asked me to do their family portraits. Love you all so very much!

[Mr. Shindy wanted a photo of Elaine and me! And WHOA boy was it freezing winds and sand flying in our eyes!]

- Chelsea :)

P.S. The Shindys are also avid Peanuts/Snoopy fans... and so this blog post's title is a reference to one of the comic strips. :)

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  1. Like like! That one of my parents in the UVA shirts is the BEST! :)