Crystal + Lannin | Newport News Engagement Photography

"We will be getting married at Signature at West Neck with about 150 of our closest friends and family there to party with us!" was the first thing Crystal said in her initial inquiry. If that doesn't say, "I will have fun on our wedding day!" I don't know what would.

These two are hilarious and perfect foils (English major talk for "each person makes the other one look good") for each other. Crystal could practically be my soulmate in humor, and don't let Lannin's quietness fool ya, he has his own sense of humor. Ask him about Bridesmaids.

Crystal is in outpatient care as a nurse... which what's up with all these nurses!? Rusty, see, I told you photography would benefit your career as well. You will have no problem finding people if you have questions when you take your exams! :) And Lannin is a super cool director at First Team Auto. When my Helen of Troyota decides to move onto car heaven, you know I'm stoked that I can say I now know a car guy who will tell it like it is! (P.S. Toyota Corollas (like my car!) and Camrys are the most popular this year. You totally know I asked him. I'm not ashamed of my candid dorkiness. There, I said it.)

We went to Noland Trail in Newport News for their engagement session, and I squealed rather suddenly when we found THE tree. Thank you, Crystal and Lannin, for indulging me and my obsession with the golden orange tree. See?! It's so awesome! :)

- Chelsea :)

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