Jill + Derek : The Couple Who Met Around the World

He hails from Ontario. She from Massachusetts. Both teachers, they found themselves in South Korea to change the lives of kiddos... but clearly, teaching was not the only reason they were destined to go to Korea. Their hearts found each other in that country, and it was Korea where they would continue to build their lives together, laughing together and taking joy in each other. (Seriously, these two are some of the most genuine and love-filled people you will ever know.)

You get those happy romance story chills because how can you not believe in destiny after hearing their story. They literally went around the world and found each other's hearts' halves.

You see, Jillian and I go quite a few years back. When I moved to Boston for grad school, she seriously was my only Boston College friend beyond the friends I made at Park Street Church. We lamented the fact that we didn't understand why people didn't want to make friends. Hello! Isn't it supposed to be similar to college in population?! So we went through our merry shenanigans those two years-- yoga, ice skating, Coldstone dates, et cetera... all of which Jill effortlessly/successfully did. (Me at yoga = laughter fits of seeing myself in the yoga mirror. Me at ice skating = clawing the rails around the rink. Me at ice cream = well, actually I did this one just fine. lol)

Then life took me back home to Virginia (where I then met Rusty... so a little dash of my own destiny) and life took her to South Korea.

I finally got to meet Derek for the first time at their rehearsal dinner, but it felt like I already knew him through Jill's stories, our mutual love of Tiny Tower, and random internet memes. He makes everyone he meets genuinely feel like they are loved and appreciated, especially if your name rhymes with Millian... but that's a whole other kinda love and appreciation. ;)

Derek and Jill decided to do Vegas for their special wedding because why the heck not?! Their loved ones were already international; they were already travelers. It only made sense. :) They celebrated at Las Vegas Paiute Resort (just 30 minutes from the Strip)... out in one of the most beautiful areas the West offers.

Jill said she didn't want a full-on Vegas wedding with her purple and blue theme, and so for her guests, she brought in little touches of Vegas through her photo favors and, of course, Elvis. Yes, photo-fam, Elvis-- decked out in a shiny gold jacket and a pink Cadillac-- made an appearance and took part as the newlyweds' grand departure.

But it didn't end there. We got some epic shots in front of the "Welcome to Vegas" sign with the King himself (as you'll see below). ;)

Congratulations, you two!! Hope you had a phenomenal time in Hawaii and took tons of photos! I'm so unbelievably happy for you both and can't wait to see what next life chapter awaits for you. Much love!

And many thanks to my second shooter Joy for helping me with this wedding! :)

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