Shootin' the breeze. | Outer Banks Wedding

I learned that I looooooove second shooting when I went to help shoot a Florida wedding in February. So when my friend Tyler (of The Girl Tyler) asked me to come with her to the Outer Banks for a wedding of hers in May AND I was available that wonderful weekend, I was super excited. :)

It was a BE-YUUU-TIFUL day for a beach wedding-- light, cool breeze, gently clouded over skies, and calm waves. The Sanderling made for a perfect environment. Seriously, it's now in my top favorite venue list-- awesome light-bouncing-friendly reception room, amazing staff, and just an overall good feel kinda place. We won't even get into how amazing their vendor meal was... also seriously the best gluten-free sandwich I've ever had. Turkey with cranberry mayo AND a gluten-free cookie... Joy. Pure joy. :) I'm pretty sure Tyler and I were gushing for at least 10 minutes about it... we are the awkward dietary needs photographers. She vegetarian, and I gluten-free. We're quite the dynamic duo at receptions. lol

To see Tyler's whole scope of the wedding, go hop on over to her Facebook page. It's pretty awesome to see them all together. :)

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