Shootin' the Stars. | Old Cavalier Virginia Beach Wedding

Okay, well, maybe not the "stars" in the literal sense, but when the bride was a former Radio City Rockette, that's pretty cool and starry to me. :)

My friend Valerie (of Valerie Demo Photography) asked me to come with her to help shoot details and all that fun stuff that comes with second shooting. Which is always a super cool time because I can zoom into things I normally can't do as the primary photog with my own photo-fam... even if it's as little as getting to (over)shoot the cake. ;)

For someone who feels like she was born 200 years late, getting to visit the Old Cavalier made my old soul heart beat fondly. The Charleston reigned supreme on the dance floor and the twenties were roarin'. (And coolest escort card idea ever?! Dance cards! You know. The REALLY old-fashioned kind where gentlemen had to write on ladies' dance cards if they wanted a particular dance with them... oh, Waltz, you steal my heart every time I think about you, even if you were scandalous in the 1920's.)

So basically I calmly and collectively remained "cool" during the whole wedding while on the inside freaking out how perfectly step-back-in-time everything was. (Note: I need to just build a time machine and be done with it!) :)

Without further ado, you must "bunny hop" over to Val's blog to see the full story about this timeless wedding! (Wakkawakka... my dance references are superb! lol)

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