Now presenting... Photo-Fam Masterpieces, Vol. I

From someone who took forever to get her own wedding photos off of her disc and into the real, tangible world, I wanted to prevent that happening for my photo-fam. I was a bad example! So I put a call-out in our photo-fam Facebook group to see how brides and portrait peeps are using their high-resolution images and getting them off their computers... and to take their own snapshots of them to share! :)

And I gotta say I'm bragging on them a little bit on how crafty/creative they get! I love how they personalize things and really make it theirs. Basically I have the best photo-fam EVER. :)

So whether it's Pinterest, magazines, websites, or even this post, get those photos off of the computers and up somewhere! Make something tangible for your future kiddos or generations. :)

[Wall Art]

[Veronica's love of interior design and making a home lovely has always been evident. I know she had been planning a wall of awesome for awhile now. She took images from their couples' session and her sister's quinceaƱera and created a lovely wall design with IKEA frames. :) ]

[Canvas Art]

[Dreama looooooves black and white... and canvases. So it was bound to happen that she was going to make something classic for her home decor with her wedding images. Win win!]

[Wall Art]

[Kelli's Mom created this wall collage from their "day-before-the-wedding" family session... speckled with a few engagement and wedding day images! Kinda love it a lot. All of the Brooks ladies just have the creative touch... and of course, you know I love that Shelley incorporated wordage into her wall design. ;)]

[Graphic Art]

[Jenn is a graphic designer and so she took the event cards I gave out and created a whole thank you card design from them! She said she used scrapbook glue dots to adhere and so guests can take off the mini card to get website access. She also loves her iPhone and her hubby Jamie... holding her bouquet from the big day. :D She found Zazzle has some good quality cases! She did note that Zazzle prints on a cloth-like cover for their iPhone cases... so if you like hard plastic, it might not be the best choice for you.]

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