Stefani + Jason : The Couple Who Also Were Marlins

For the first time ever, I broke out my Bayside High School yearbook during a first "meet-and-greet" with a couple. (This was in my pre-office days. All of 5 months ago. lol)

But get this.

Halfway through our meeting, I'm staring at the groom with an eerie sense of "Dang, he looks so familiar..."

So we keep chatting, and Stefani and I are laughing it up over ridiculous stuff. Then Jason chimed in with, "Were you into drawing and art classes in high school?"

"Yessss," I replied and then bursted out, "OH MY GOSH! MONCAPOO!"

"YES!" he yelled back and chuckled about the inside joke of a mutual friend's "swear it exists" creature. And then the connection was made. Except the Jason I knew and was friends with had long hair tied back in a ponytail, trench coat, and a mustache (which is very memorable in high school since not many guys sported a 'stache.) The Jason who sat in front of me that day had NO facial hair and VERY short hair. You can understand my visual confusion.

All the while, Stefani is laughing it up because she had also met Jason in high school, but we personally never crossed paths since she was a year or two ahead of me.

And that's the story of how it's a small world after all. :)

I'm so unbelievably happy for these two and so thrilled that our paths crossed once more and that they chose me for their special day in October. It's going to be absolutely magical with their foresty wonderland of a wedding.

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