Stefani + Jason : The Firefighter and the Creative

If this whole wedding wasn't a lovebomb fest, then I don't know what is. I got teary myself throughout multiple parts of this special day because you could just feel the love. Not the cheesy kind. But the soul-deep, plucking your heart strings kind. The kind where you knew every person in attendance celebrated. In every detail, in every word spoken.

This was a stunning, uniquely-made DIY wedding at Northwest River Park. And to briefly segue, Stef, you're amazing, and I nod in respect to your awesome organizational creativity. (A gal after my own heart!) Folks, this bride had it down. Stefani even had a Facebook group for her bridal party to coordinate details/schedules/planning right to the very minute of the wedding (can we say genius!? Where were Facebook groups when I was getting married?!). She needs to write her tips and blog it somewhere (ooo... nugget of an idea tucked away... heeeyyyy, Mrs. Rubio! ;) ).

From Jason's tie clip with a fireman's axe to the merry literary quotes on the reception tables, there were so many personal touches. It was an honor being part of such a once-in-a-lifetime day.

And heck, how many couples can say that they had a mini-high school reunion at their wedding!? Not many! ;)

Jason and Stefani, I wish you the very best and all the magic that a marriage can bring! Many hearts!

[Typically I don't put bridal party photos in the Mr. & Mrs. posts but these ladies and gents were such a huge part of these two's support system that they just had to be included. :) ]

[Why, yes, this is the mini-Bayside High School reunion. :)]


  1. you did a fabulous job at her wedding Chelsea,and apparently I wasn't too shabby at my video recording skills of this wedding either according to my aunt. lol again excellent job!

  2. haha Awesome, Judy!! I'd love to see the video! :) (And thank you!)

  3. Hi, these pictures are lovely. I'm planning my wedding at this exact same location. So it's encouraging to see someone else had a successful, lovely wedding there. Any advice on planning at this location? :)