Damaris : The Multi-Talented Sister-in-Law

I'm not a professed senior photographer, but when you've heard "you are doing my senior photos!" since she was in 9th grade and she's your husband's sister... well, that solidifies it. I kinda love her. :)

Damaris is one of the sweetest and most talented young ladies I know. She played violin at our wedding, she can tickle those piano ivories like awesome, and she can kick some mean butt in most Wii games. (I refuse to play anymore unless it's Mario Party... she and Rusty duke it out now. lol)

She has a genuine heart for others, a spirited love for friends, and is beautiful-- inside and out. We need more people like her in the upcoming generations (that's clearly my inner 80-year-old woman talking. lol). Proud to call her family!


  1. Beautiful work as always! I'm really drawn to the character that's shining through these portraits - great job, Chelsea! x

  2. Thanks so much, Julie! :)! She definitely is a special gal. :)