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Okay, so it's not a gluten-free recipe, but it is to keep my kitchen sane. You see, when I got married, I said a dishwasher was non-negotiable. I hate washing dishes with a passion (and a slight reason why I'm probably not a cook because of the messy dishes cooking makes).

Well, it's been a fabulous arrangement the past three years. Rusty does the dirty dishes, and I'll take care of the clean ones.

With both of us adjusting to Rusty's new work schedule, some miscommunication happened over this past month. Rusty was putting dirty spoons in with the clean (gross), and I had put away a dirty dish yet to be cleaned (gross). True, not an apocalyptic event by any means, and we did soon realize that we needed a better system so we're not re-running the dishwasher a million times.

My tag first started out as a blue Post-It-- whatever word was on top meant that was what was going on inside the dishwasher. Rusty loved it and thought it was a great idea. I did, too, at first... but then my ambition got the best of me. "If we're going to have this new system, it needs to be pretty!"

So I did. I made it pretty. Making things Pinterest proud! ;)

[Note: My dishwasher sadly does not have a magnetic front, so I used Velcro dots instead. I did have an old business card magnet strip I was going to cut up ready to go, so that's another alternative if you don't have any Velcro dots.]

[UPDATE: You can also buy this on Etsy in my Quills and Ink design shop!]

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