Now Presenting... Pickles Barrington LaVere.

She's the newest addition to the photo-fam. She's furry, loves to sleep in crazy positions, creates a ton of kitten shenanigans, and enjoys playing with feathers. Her name is Pickles Barrington LaVere, and she's stolen our hearts.

A little back story... my closest friends know of my strong love for cats, but seeing as I haven't been able to have a cat in 10 years (e.g., college, grad school, first teaching years, Rusty's being in school, etc), it's a side of me that hasn't really been revealed beyond what those friends know of my past (unless you're on Facebook or Pinterest and see my LOLcat posts... you have to admit, they're hilarious!).

From the very first "cat purse" (purple stuffed animal cat with a little coin purse in its back) to the photo albums I'd make of my kitties, the love of the feline was there.

Rusty pokes fun because he says my mannerisms are already cat-like (can sleep anywhere, independent, finicky, stubborn.... lol); it's probably why I've always loved these critters.

[Taking it back to when I was 8 years old. Entrepreneur and crazy cat lady in the making!]
So you can imagine how excited I got when actually getting a kitten became a more realistic option AND when my friends Mary and Shannon said they had kittens and were looking for a home for one of them.

Well, it was destiny because Rusty and I both fell in love with Pickles when we saw her. She's been a pretty amazing kitten all-around; I've never had a cat who loved to flop into people's arms and let others pet them so easily. Quite a few of the photo-fam have met her already, and she was no scaredy-cat!

[Even photo-bombing my food photos now...]

You can get to know PB more on Instagram as her shenanigans are frequently documented on there. ;) And hope you get to meet her soon!

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